Friday, February 15, 2013

Directory of Ezines: The Most Effective Marketing Tools

There are many ways available to promote your website. Submitting articles to ezines is one of the most effective ways to increase your traffic and conversion. There are various ezine websites out there and sometimes it is difficult—especially for beginners—to find the best place to put your articles to. What comes in your mind is probably putting articles on some familiar and acclaimed ezines. However, there are still many ezines site to consider as part of your website’s promotion. The difficulty lies on deciding which ones of those ezine sites which are effective in promoting your website.

Directory of Ezines not merely shows you the list of ezine websites where you can submit your articles to. It contains a lot more than that. It will show you the ezine websites which are suitable for your niche. Inside this book, the content sites are categorized, which make it easier for you to search which sites are the best. By doing this, of course you save a lot of time and energy of website promotion, don’t you?

Directory of Ezines gives some explanation about types of advertisement, which you can use to choose which one is suitable for you, including Solo Ad, Sponsor Ad, and Classified Ad. The book will explain to you each type of the ads, so that you can have enough understanding to finally send targeted ads for your market. The book is based on some research. Therefore, you do not need to doubt any suggestion you find in this book. What you need to do is choose which ezine sites suitable with your niche and then advertise on them.

You can now put Directory of Ezines as one of your most effective marketing tools. And you must note that ezines is not merely about EzineArticles or GoArticles. They are included but actually ezines websites are not only consisted of those two mentioned. There are various ezine websites that focus their niche on certain topic. In Ezine Articles, for example, there are abundant topics inside which are not categorized well and this make it difficult for you to advertise your own website. Directory of Ezines will let you know other ezine websites which focus on particular topic, such as sport, fashion, etc.

The same with physical magazine, ezine also operate with their contents for readers to read. However, ezines seem to be a lot more effective since each of them have mailing list with thousands targeted readers. And Directory of Ezines has helped you to sort those thousand ezine websites based on their topic and niche. Besides that, this book will show you how to ads to thousands of people in low price. This will also help you to find joint ventures that will do the mailing for you.

Paying for the book, you will also get some bonuses, such as a marketing dictionary written by Charlie Page, no-charge ad writing, teleseminars and webinars about ezine and article marketing, e-course about resale rights, and many more. You will also be able to display your ads on the personal website of Charlie Page permanently. And there are still many other bonuses that will make you say: “Yes, I have made the right decision to pay for this Directory of Ezines”.

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